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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sony Vegas Pro 11

Sony has just released the latest version of their flagship video editing program. The most comprehensive rundown of the new features I've seen can be found here.

Hope to tinker around with the new 3D features and post some thought early next week.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Panasonic Z10000

Pretty excited about this one. Ships mid-November for $3499. Currently raising money like a maniac to pick it up at launch. You can find full details by clicking on the image above, but here's a brief rundown of the features that are most important to me:

  • 1080p24 3D recording
  • Dual SDXC slots
  • Glasses-free 3D LCD w/ 2nd viewfinder
  • Zebra and Waveform Monitors
  • Scene files (hope I can still find the ones from my old HMC150)
  • Seperate zoom / focus / convergence / iris rings
  • Dual XLR inputs

Not sure I'm thrilled with the dual 3MOS sensors, but everything above should make up for it.

Just in Time Films vs Just in Time Films

While checking the Just in Time Films IMDB page, I found a new movie currently sitting at the top of the list of produced works:

As tempting as it was to let the listing stand (having a feature film starring Bruce Dern in the archive can't be bad, can it?), I had IMDB remove the listing from the J:TF page. I already lost one company name to another film company and don't care to lose another. Plus, the poster is TERRIBLE.