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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just in Time Films on the Internet

Come visit the new online video repositories of Just in Time Films on:


So far, Just in Time Films' shorts have been viewed 189 times. Not setting the world ablaze, but not bad either.

Just in Time Films on Filmcommunity

Everyone interested in Louisville filmmaking should join FILMCOMMUNITY. The Derby City Film Fest folks are there, as well as Kino Louisville and a few other local production folks. It is a new site but looks to be growing quickly.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


All four episodes of DARKSIDERS will screen June 26th, 2009 as part of the Derby City Film Series at The Vernon Club.

Derby City Film Festival made its debut in Louisville in October 2008. Their second film festival will take place in February 2010. In between, they are holding a series of screenings at The Vernon Roaster on the last Friday of each month. They are also launching the Derby City Film Collective, a sounding board for local productions, and Derby City Film Chat, a weekly filmmaking talk show hosted by blogtalkradio. Derby City Film Chat launches January 6th.

The Vernon Roaster is part of Vernon Lanes, Louisville's greatest bowling alley. They hold concerts in the basement and roast their own coffee on site upstairs opposite a scant few lanes that date back to 1886.

It is extraordinarily nice to see a real push to create a film scene in Louisville. But the longtime problem - the lack of a repository of equipment and spaces available to local film teams - remains the greatest obstacle to that goal.

But that's a a rant for another time. For the moment, prepare yourselves for the DARKSIDERS APOCALYPSE!

DARKSIDERS 2: Behind the Scenes

Stephanie Clark snapped a few pics during the making of the second episode of DARKSIDERS and posted them to her Flickr account. Click on the image above or right here to take a look!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

DARKSIDERS Episode 2 v0.9

The password is licking.

Here it is: A mostly complete version of the second episode of DARKSIDERS! The voiceover at the beginning is temporary until I get a cleaner recording.

DARKSIDERS Episode 2 from Just in Time Films on Vimeo.


The password is cakenuts

DARKSIDERS from Just in Time Films on Vimeo.

Crazy Monkey presents a Prehensile Tale: Hootenanny

Crazy Monkey presents a Prehensile Tale: Hootenanny from Just in Time Films on Vimeo.

Crazy Monkey presents a Prehensile Tale: Fashionably Dead

Crazy Monkey presents a Prehensile Tale: Fashionably Dead from Just in Time Films on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


The new short IS coming, I promise. Norr & I spent Thursday night cutting the thing together and there is a rough edit completed. It still needs opening titles, closing credits, music, audio normalization, visual effects, and music. I'll post it as soon as it is ready.

It is called DARKSIDERS again. Not DARKSIDERS 2, not DARKSIDERS 2: Special Delivery, not DARKSIDERS 2: The Stain Remains the Same. Just DARKSIDERS, same as before. Talakai's a mailman. It is funny.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just in Time Films, LLC

Just in Time Films is now a Limited Liability Corporation, recognized by all relevant governmental bodies. We're in the process of establishing the Darksiders production company, as well as production companies for our 2009 projects.

On that note: The new short is in the can! Watch this space for the third new short in four short months from Just in Time Films, LLC! Expected release date: 12/10/2008.

Starring: Rocko Jerome, Talakai NaDane, Tyshaun Miles, and Stephanie Clark.

Be sure to visit the new Just in Time Films MySpace page and make friends with our talented cast and crew. http://www.myspace.com/justintimefilms.

Things are moving fast. Hang on tight!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crazy Monkey is now Just in Time Films

Crazy Monkey was incorporated in Louisville, KY as a Limited Liability Corporation on 8/2/2000 by myself and Douglas Clark. After an extended period of intense preparation, Crazy Monkey made its debut at the 2007 Louisville 48 Hour Film Festival.

Crazy Monkey presents: Fasionably Dead made its debut on 7/26/2007 at the Village 8 Theatres. It was kinda cool; the promise of Crazy Monkey, fulfilled after so many years. The film itself was too ambitious and completely misunderstood its audience. Instead of the normal, weird-o fest film, Fashionably Dead aspired to be a film noir murder mystery, complete with All the Usual Suspects.

Problem was, ask someone who had just seen it what happened in it? Chances are they couldn't tell you. I needed something simpler, more immediate. Something that grabbed the attention quick and held it, something that would be respected by the fest crowd because it had a sense of humor and a DIY mentality.

Hootenanny debuted on 7/23/2008. It was good despite not being finished at the time of submission. We spent the next two weeks recutting it until we had what, on 8/4/2008, I was willing to call The Final Cut.

Hootenanny went on to win Best Use of Genre at the 48 Hour Film Project's Louisville awards ceremony at Volksfest 2008.

Problem is, I discovered another film company operates using the name Crazy Monkey. I fully believe I was first and could force them to change their name, but they already have a feature film available on double DVD and are in the process of completing their second. I have no desire to enter into a protracted legal battle and, since I could never find a decent mascot anyway, have decided to ditch the name and take up the mantle Just in Time Films.

Our third film will go into production 10/16 as part of the revitalized Kino Louisville project. More info forthcoming.

Hootenanny Poster

This beautiful poster was created by Keli Allen. It is a full-size one sheet, printed at 14500x22000 pixels. You can reach her at nicograph@bluegrass.net for all your graphic design needs.

Hootenanny: Best Use of Genre