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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Farewell to the HMC150

I sold my Panasonic HMC150 earlier today to a hopefully good home in Italy. The HMC150 was the first high-end video camera I've ever owned. I really enjoyed learning with it. Every film in what I consider Just in Time Films' 2nd season was shot with it - everything from Tex Engler's Candy Brandy to The Third Sister: A Universal to animata to HellHouse Vx.

As they say, Onward and Upward...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New and Upcoming Releases

This past month has been insanely busy around the J:TF offices. It all began the Monday before Halloween, when our captioning evaluation package arrived from the Department of Education (Captioning Test #1, J:TF16). We shot HellHouse V, a DJ show, on Halloween night (Stewart Walker LiVE, J:TF15, and Woody McBride LiVE, J:TF17). The following weekend, we filmed Habib's sister's wedding. The next weekend, we started filming As You Like It, presented by the University of Louisville (J:TF19). That one was recorded over three nights, utilizing five camera and three mic setups. Somewhere in there we filmed an hour long behind-the-scenes documentary for the Getting the Best of Rocko DVD (J:TF18). And finally, our present project: A bike safety video for the city of Louisville (J:TF20).

I also re-watched DARKSIDERS recently (J:TF4). Funny how the H1N1 virus has made that short far more relevant now than when we made it.

I'll be putting up 2010 subscriptions on the J:TF website this weekend. If you missed out on joining in 2009, you missed out on a bevy of releases. We released the numbered edition DVD of The Third Sister: A Universal, the VHS gift set of Backwards Compatible, a limited-edition animata poster, an otherwise-unreleased Broken Spurs DVD, the aforementioned Getting the Best of Rocko DVD collection, and several DVDs full of unreleased content (Degree of Separation, Pekin Express, As You Like It, HellHouse V, etc).

2009 was amazing. 2010 will be even better.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bike Safety #1

J:TF18 begins shooting this weekend. It's a bike safety video starring Kirby Adams being produced for Louisville's StreetSense campaign. Hope the weather stays lovely!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Backwards Compatible 25th Anniversary Gift Set

Party like its 1984! An extremely limited edition gift set of Backwards Compatible, consisting of a VHS copy of the movie, a cassette soundtrack, and an iron-on transfer will be available Just in Time for the holiday season. Order yours today!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Backwards Compatible World Premiere

Backwards Compatible, our latest short film and puppet opus, will have its World Premiere Tuesday night, 9/15, atop 21C as part of the 2nd Annual Kentucky Short Film & Video Showcase. More info may be found here:


A 60-second preview was shown on 8/31 during the Just in Time Films screenings at Divinity Rose's Gypsie Courtyard, but this is the first time the film will be screened in its entirity.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Djet - Horus Cobra LiVE

Djet's interactive generative music performance "Horus Cobra," performed live at Dimond's Bar & Grill in Louisville KY as part of Divinity Rose's Gypsie Courtyard in the wee hours of September 8th, 2009. Equipment included Akai APC40 with Abletone Live 8.1 and M-Audio Radeon 49, Nintendo DS running Electroplankton, Apple iPhone running Bloom, and the Eleh releases "Tribute to the Square Wave" and "Tribute to the Sine Wave." Conducted by Chadwick Thomas. Shot in 1080/24p with two Panasonic HMC150s, dual XLR soundboard audio recording. Video available at all the familiar places (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, etc).

Backwards Compatible complete!

Our several-months-in-the-making puppet opus is complete! We hope to announce the world premiere soon. Watch this space!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just in Time Films at Divinity Rose's Gypsie Courtyard

Next Monday night: Just in Time Films at Divinty Rose's Gypsie Courtyard, Diamond's in St. Matthews (3814 Frankfort Ave). Divinity Rose hosts Louisville's best talent showcase and has already introduced me to great bands, magicians, and... filmmakers I was previously unaware of. If you're not already here, you really should be. Come out and join us! Doors at 8, entertainment at 9, films at 11.

Films include:

The Third Sister: a Universal (presented in HD)
aimata: The Final Cut (presented in HD)

In addition, a handful of copies of the handmade, individually numbered DVDs of The Third Sister: a Universal will be available.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

WINNER Best Choreography

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Pekin Express for winning Best Choreography in the 2009 Paducah 48 Hour Film Project!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pekin Express

The new film will screen September 1st and 2nd at Maiden Alley Cinema. Tickets are $5, General Admission.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

48 Hour Film Project Awards

The awards ceremony for Louisville's 2009 48 Hour Film Project will be held Thursday, August 13th 2009, at 6:30PM in the Speed Art Museum on UofL's campus. Will animata win an audience award? Will it become the first film in Louisville 48HFP history to win Best Picture without headlining its screening group? What will be the ultimate outcome of our third (and final?) entry in the 48 Hour Film Project? Join us this Thursday and find out!

Dress sharp.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Brief History of (Just in) Time

Fashionably Dead (July 2007) - Our first entry in the 48 Hour Film Project. Kate Holland says she wishes we had called it "Fashionably Late." We learned the hard way what is and is not okay to attempt in a 48 Hour Film. We pulled "Detective or Cop" as our genre and proceeded to make a black-and-white noir whodunnit, complete with the usual suspects and red herrings. The story was so complex it was undigestable in six minutes. Still, it had a shot I still love (the reveal of the body - across the train tracks and over the railing). Tech specs: 480p, stereo.

Hootenanny (July 2008) - Our second entry in the 48 Hour Film Project went much better and would have gone better still had backstage drama not derailed the thing. Rocko and Ty each gave several hundred percent, but my favorite part remains the poster. WINNER Best Use of Genre, 2009 Louisville 48 Hour Film Project. Tech specs: 480p, stereo.

DARKSIDERS (October 2008) - Hootenanny had nearly 20 people working on it, so I went crazy streamlined with the next project. The entire cast & crew numbered, what, seven? Talakai and I wrote the thing over drinks at Flannigans. We location scouted on Saturday and shot it Sunday afternoon. All the office and break room scenes were shot in the same room. The story is really funny and tight as a drum; I don't think remaking it with better costumes and sets would improve anything. Tech specs: 480p, stereo.

DARKSIDERS episode 2 (November 2008) - A weak attempt to turn DARKSIDERS into a 4-part series. The camera work is crap, the editing not very good, and the story poorly executed. And the cast kept eating all the props. DARKSIDERS is better as a stand-alone; that completed DARKSIDERS episode 3 script will probably go unmade. Tech specs: 480p, stereo.

Tex Engler's Candy Brandy (February 2009) - A mini-documentary about Grant Engler's first high-end custom auto build, a ram air 57 Chevy layered with more coats of paint than you can imagine. Tech specs: 1080/24p, stereo.

The Broken Spurs LiVE at Headliners (February 2009) - Dual-XLR soundboard recording. Most of the show tripod-shot and the sound levels weren't great. But by the next to last song, the levels were corrected and I un-mounted the camera and shot handheld. The encore came off great and is worth watching. The rest? Not so much. Tech specs: 1080/24p, stereo.

The Third Sister: A Universal (April 2009) - This was a collaboration with the University of Louisville via Axton fellowship recipient Derek Mong. He held a poetry contest among his students and paired the winners up with local filmmakers to create visual adaptations of their work. This film is an adaptation of John D. Baumgarten's original poem. I spent a couple months on this one, experimenting with mixed-media and trying my hand with visual effects. My fondest memory of it is using an uncoiled stage rope, a vat of Vaseline, and a spray bottle of stage blood to create the umbilical cord that the First and Second Sisters fought over in "The Schism (in a Little More Detail for What You Might Have Missed)." OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2009 Axton Festival of Film and Verse. Tech specs: 1080/24p, stereo.

Spurs on the Water: The Broken Spurs LiVE on the Waterfront (May 2009) - The Broken Spurs opened for The Meat Puppets on an unfortunately overcast day. Adam (the lead singer) wanted me to try shooting this hand-held. I didn't set OIS so its way too shaky. The sound is very nice, though, and this represented my first serious attempt at a 5.1 mix. Tech specs: 1080/24p, 2x stereo.

Sure Thing (June 2009, work in progress) - An adaptation of an old 10-minute play shot entirely green-screen from three angles. I have no idea what, if anything, will eventually come of this. But turning my garage into a green studio was surreal and fun. This was also the first film I worked on that I did not write or direct. I only ran camera. Tech specs: 720/60p, stereo.

animata (July 2009) This was an absolute joy to make. The team clicked perfectly and everything just fired on all cylanders. I wanted to focus on performances, set design, and costumes. All three vastly improved. My goal with each film is to outdo the one that preceeded it. I think this one sets the bar for the next pretty high. Tech specs: 1080/30p, stereo. (The film was screened at Village 8 in 480/30p. I shot 30fps to ensure the framerate was consistent with the lower resolution).

Pekin Express (August 2009) My first collaboration with Mae Waits director Donald Mahoney. The story's a bit slight and the outdoor shot is too bright, but the indoor scene looks fantastic and the actors delivered in spades. Tech specs: 1080/24p, stereo.

Backwards Compatible (August 2009) - Film version of a puppet play, directed by Kathryn Spivey of the Squallis Puppeteers. This one features my most complex audio mix to date, incorporating over 50 seperate tracks. Tech specs: 1080/24p, stereo.

Djet "Horus Cobra" LiVE at the Gypsie Courtyard (September 2009) - Djet's interactive generative music performance "Horus Cobra," performed live at Dimond's Bar & Grill in Louisville KY as part of Divinity Rose's Gypsie Courtyard in the wee hours of September 8th, 2009. Equipment included Akai APC40 with Abletone Live 8.1 and M-Audio Radeon 49, Nintendo DS running Electroplankton, Apple iPhone running Bloom, and the Eleh releases "Tribute to the Square Wave" and "Tribute to the Sine Wave." Tech specs: 1080/24p, dual XLR soundboard audio recording.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Third Sister: A Universal (Numbered Limited Edition DVD)

After a slight delay, the numbered limited edition DVD of The Third Sister: A Universal is now available.

Gorgeous full color sleeve printed on high-gloss Ultra-bright UV paper, hand cut and hand numbered in silver ink. Disk includes hand-drawn lettering and/or imagery (each disk is different). Strictly limited to 25 copies. $12 PP.

Special Features (access via PC/Mac):

high definition 1080p version of the film (Windows Media Video and Apple Quicktime formats)

mobile versions suitable for iPod / iPhone / cellphones

the original poem

the screenplay

production photos

other assorted digital ephemera

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009


Our third (and final?) entry in the 48 Hour Film Project is complete.

It is called "animata" and it is awesome. Easily the best thing we've done to date.

It'll screen Wednesday night at 9PM and Thursday night at 7:15PM at Village 8 Theatres. Tickets are still available. We're in Group C.

I also highly recommend seeing Donald Mahoney's "48 1/2." He'll be headlining Group D (Wed 9:15PM, Thur 7PM). He screens opposite me, unfortunately.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

48 Hour Film Project Tickets Now Available

We're screening at 9PM on Wednesday 7/22 and at 7:15 on Thursday 7/23. Buy your tickets today!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Screening Analysis

So far, 46 teams have been scheduled. That leaves 2 slots open should more teams choose to enter.

The following are the returning award winners by group:

Group A
None, although this will be Mystery Tramp's 4th entry

Group B
For the Birds Films (2 awards, 3rd year)
Indicators (last year's runner-up. 3 awards, 3rd year)
OfficeRocker (1 award, 4th year)
Feathered Italian Films (1 award, 3rd year)

Group C
Just in Time Films (1 award, 3rd year)
Sick Duck Productions (2 awards, 3rd year)

Group D
Abser Four Films (defending champions. 8 awards, 4th year)
DRET Films (2 awards, 2nd year)

Group B looks to be the best all-around group, Group A looks the most wide-open.

Congratulations to Abser Four Films, OfficeRocker, and Mystery Tramp Films for being the only teams to be in all four years.

48HFP screening groups announced

Group A - Wednesday, July 22 at 7PM and Thursday, July 23 9:15
11Eleven Productions
Baker S. Dozen Films
Duck Weed Films
Fools and Film Productions
Frozen Mercury Productions
Iridescent Pictures
Mystery Tramp Films
Spark Studios
Weekend Chocolate Warriors

Group B - Wednesday , July 22 at 7:15 and Thursday July 23 at 9:00
25 Square Feet Productions
Extended Forecast Films
For the Birds Films
Made for TV productions
OfficeRocker Productions
The Indicators
Zornie Productions

Group C - Wendesday July 22nd at 9:00 and Thursday July 23 at 7:15
Channel Six Television
FesteBurg Productioning
Fredicus Productions
High street productions
Just in Time Films
Sick Duck Productions
Three Guys Garbage

Group D - Wednesday July 22 at 9:15 and Thursday July 23 at 7:00

Abser Four Films
Film Addict Productions
Fresh Pot Productions
Hilton's Crew
PotHole Productions
Punch Productions
Swell Productions
Turnip Truck Productions
Yellow Umbilical Cord

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mae Waits Screening 7/3/2009


Click the poster to watch the trailer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sure Thing

Principal photography completed on "Sure Thing" Tuesday. We shot a ridiculous two hours of footage for what will likely be an 8 minute short, but we shot so much because we had use of a greenscreen for the week. We captured the script from a variety of angles and lighting set-ups.

We constructed the greenscreen in my garage, which has two floors, a hydraulic lift, and an L-beam that swings over the floor. We shot part of Fashionably Dead there and used the L-beam as a boom, dropping the mic directly over the actors' heads. The beam was blocked this time by some stuff that a local motorcycle crew stores there so we used a standard mic stand instead.

I haven't delved deeply into editing yet, but even preliminary keys (key = removal of green from a greenscreen shot) show promise.

Pre-production on the next short, "Backward Compatible," begins in three hours. It may be a couple weeks before I can return to "Sure Thing." But for now, take a look at some photos and screen caps:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Huge ups to Elite Creative Services for use of their greenscreen & lighting rig this past weekend! Now go browse their site!

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Spurs on the Water" Special Edition DVD

Pimp this, playa! The special edition DVD of "Spurs on the Water: Broken Spurs LiVE on the Waterfront" is now available! Right now, the disk is available only to 2009 Just in Time Films subscribers.

Just check out everything you get with this set:

Includes the the concert in standard DVD format, 720p HD format, mobile format suitable for iPod/iPhone/Zune, uncompressed WAV audio, tagged MP3 audio, AND the encore from their February show at Headliners!

PLUS: Subscribers also receive the Special Edition DVD of "The Third Sister: A Universal," including the short film in multiple resolutions (1080/24p, 480/30p, and mobile) and an exhaustive collection of making-of materials, all housed in an individually signed and numbered case. Subscribers will also receive the Special Edition DVD of our upcoming third entry in the 48 Hour Film Project, as well as anything else we create this year. If we keep cranking out material at this pace, the $100 rate may not last long!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Upcoming Productions

Wednesday, Habib & I will be shooting The Broken Spurs LiVE on the Waterfront. The Spurs are opening for the Meat Puppets. Hopefully we'll get good weather!

Next Saturday, several members of JiT will invade the Elite Creative Services headquarters to get some hands-on experience with a green screen.

And, a major website change is finally coming soon!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

DARKSIDERS World Premiere

DARKSIDERS will make its festival premiere June 26th at the Vernon Roaster (1575 Story Avenue) as part of the Derby City Independent Film Series!

More Just in Time Films to be announced soon - watch this space!

Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 Subscription Series now available

If donations aren't for you, consider becoming a charter member of the Just in Time Films' 2009 Subscription Series. Included in your purchase price:

A signed & numbered DVD of "The Third Sister: A Universal," containing both standard definition and True 1080P High Definition versions of the movie,

An exhaustive special-edition DVD of our upcoming entry in the 2009 48 Hour Film Project, also signed & numbered,

The inaugural 7" single from our affiliated record label, They Shoot Records. The 7" is Just Die!'s "Garages and Basements." Also signed & numbered,

Any other DVDs or ephemera produced by Just in Time Films during calendar 2009.

Your membership will help Just in Time Films in its quest to become Louisville's premier movie production house!


Should you wish to donate to future productions, you may now do so using the following button:

Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Custom auto interview

Interview conducted with Grant "Tex" Engler during the 2008 Carl Casper Auto Show.

Tex Engler's Rod & Kustom Werks: 57 Chevy from Just in Time Films on Vimeo.

Just in Time Films channel now on Vimeo


Monday, March 9, 2009

The Soul That Grows in Darkness

The Axton Endowment

in conjunction with 
The English Department
U of L’s Student Activities Board
The Louisville Film Society
The Derby City Film Festival 
and The Commonwealth Center for the Humanities



The Axton Festival of Film and Verse

April 9-11 & 21st, 2009



Putting the Auteur Back in Author:
A Poetry Reading from Wayne Miller and Larry Goldstein

7:30 PM - BINGHAM POETRY ROOM, Ekstrom Library, U of L’s Belknap Campus

Wayne Miller is the author of two poetry collections: The Book of Props
(Milkweed, 2009) and Only the Senses Sleep (New Issues, 2006). He is also coeditor of the anthology New European Poets (Graywolf, 2008) and translator of Moikom Zeqo's I Don't Believe in Ghosts. The recipient of five Poetry Society of America awards, the Bess Hokin Prize and a Ruth Lilly Fellowship, he teaches at the University of Central Missouri and edits Pleiades. His long poem “What Night Says to the Empty Boat: Notes Toward a Film in Verse” is included in his most recent volume.

Laurence Goldstein is the author of three books of literary criticism, most recently The American Poet at the Movies: A Critical History, four books of poetry, most recently A Room in California, and the editor or coeditor of eight other books, most recently Writing Ann Arbor. He is Professor of English at the University of Michigan, and editor of Michigan Quarterly Review.


“Dangerous Glamour: Poetry, Movies, and the Public Imagination”
A Talk by Laurence Goldstein

3:30 PM - BINGHAM HUMANITIES, ROOM 300, U of L’s Belknap Campus

From his time growing up in Culver City, California to his recent blog for The Best
American Poetry online, Laurence Goldstein has explored, with both scholarly insight and a filmgoer’s appreciation, the developing confluence of American poetry and film. This culminated in the 1995 publication of The American Poet at the Movies: A Critical Study, which Philip French called “a discerning book, combining criticism and social history. It satisfies scholarly standards while appealing to general readers.” Goldstein begins with Vachel Lindsay’s infatuating gaze (directed toward thr starlet Mae Marsh) then maps American poetry in the cinema century— up through Jorie Graham’s treatment of Lolita in “Fission.” The co-editor (with Ira Konigsberg) of The Movies: Texts, Receptions, Exposures (1997) he continues to write and publish about film.


The Big Show: The Premiere of Three Collaborative Poetry Films
and Jean Cocteau’s First Film, The Blood of a Poet

7:30 PM - FLOYD THEATRE, Student Activities Center, U of L’s Belknap Campus

Working directly with Louisville filmmakers, two University of Louisville students
will premiere films based on their original work. Jake Snider’s poems “Bookbinding: Pt. Deux” and “Last Winter” have been adapted for the screen by Steven Matthews. John David Baumgarten’s poem “The Third Sister: A Universal” has been adapted by Chad Thomas. The filmmakers and poets will be available for questions following the screening.
Le Sang d'un poète (The Blood of a Poet) 1930, 55 min. 16mm film
A landmark of surrealist cinema, Cocteau's first film attempts to reveal the inside of a
poet's mind, using a panoply of trick effects and extraordinary juxtapositions
to do so. Lee Miller portrays a statue that comes to life, opening the way to a world
beyond. Enrique Rivero plays the poet.

Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) was a poet, filmmaker, artist, journalist, dramatist, and designer, as well as a celebrity and provocateur. He was a creative force at the center of the Parisian avant-garde from before World War I, through the surrealist 1920s and 30s, and beyond. His films exemplify the surrealist movement in France. They are dizzy with fantasy, mythology, melodrama, and unhinged experimentation. Nowhere is this more true than in his so-called Orphic Trilogy - three films inspired by the figure of Orpheus, the poet and musician of ancient mythology. For today's viewer, the trilogy opens doors to Cocteau's incomparable poetic consciousness.

Chadwick Jefferson Edward Thomas III is a University of Louisville alum with a B.A. in Communication. He is the former editor and publisher of the Calligraffiti Literary Journal. He has published over two hundred interviews and articles in LEO Weekly, Velocity, The Courier Journal, The Louisville Cardinal, Burt the Cat Fanclub Newsletter, and others. He is one half of the rock band Naked Monster Tyson and the only Lebowski Idol. Chadwick is also the manager of Just in Time Films LLC. He has written and directed four short films, including 2008's award-winning “Hootenanny” (Best Use of Genre, 48 Hour Film Project, Louisville competition).

Steven Mathews, a Georgia transplant, has been working with film production for several years. He has developed a reputation for pouring his heart, passion, and often his wallet into his projects. Since his recent arrival in Louisville, Steve has been busy freelancing. He’s worked on 40 short films in the last year.

Cocteau’s Orpheus and Testament of Orpheus
Screenings at FLOYD THEATRE, Student Activities Center, U of L’s Belknap Campus

5:30 PM
Orphee (Orpheus) 1949, 95 min. 35mm film 

Considered by many to be Cocteau's best film, Orphée is based on the ancient myth in which Orpheus (Jean Marais) descends into the underworld to rescue his wife, Eurydice (Marie Déa), from death. Cocteau's vision of the afterlife is rooted in modern realities: a bombed-out urban landscape, for example, and messages from the other side communicated through a car radio.

7:30 PM
Le Testament d'Orphée (The Testament of Orpheus) 1959, 80 min. 35mm film

In the film that completes the cycle, Cocteau plays an 18th-century poet who travels in time. This is a wry, self-deprecating work, with the 70-year-old poet portraying his dreams, his friends and lovers, and fictional characters. The cast includes Pablo Picasso, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Jean Marais, and Yul Brynner. Cocteau's final film is an open coda to a unique career.
Both films will be followed by a Q and A hosted by The Louisville Film Society

Film on Poets, Poets on Film: The San Francisco Renaissance
7PM/9PM - 21C Museum Hotel, 700 W. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202 / (502) 217-6300

Brought to you by The Louisville Film Society, this collection of nine shorts films feature some of the biggest names in the San Francisco poetry scene and the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E School of Poetry. The program includes interviews and/or images of: Kenneth Koch, John Ashbery, George Barker, James Broughton, Bruce Andrews, Charles Bernstein, Jack Hirschman, Etheridge Knight, and Ezra Pound. LFS will screen the films at both 7 PM and 9 PM.

For more information, please visit www.louisvillefilm.org


dcmong01@louisville.edu / 502-852-4742

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Broken Spurs LIVE at Headliners

Broken Spurs LIVE at Headliners 2-25-09 1080/24p 96KHz from Just in Time Films on Vimeo.

Encore song from the Broken Spurs LIVE at Headliners, recorded 2/25/2009. Video = Panasonic AG-HMC150, 1080/24p. Audio = dual XLR soundboard recording 96KHz. (c) 2009 Just in Time Films LLC

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Carl Casper Auto Show: Hardtail Special

I've just spent a grueling day shooting footage at the Carl Casper Auto Show for an independent documentary. Click the picture below to see a clip from in HD.

You can also download the 108MB file to see the clip in full 1080p. The link is at the bottom right hand section of the video's page on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

DARKSIDERS episode 3

DARKSIDERS 3 begins shooting March 7th, 2009. Yes, I know I'm doing this whole episodic thing wrong and that I should have shot all 4 episodes in a single weekend. I'll do that next time.

DARKSIDERS episode 3 will be the first installment filmed in glistening High Definition. And it should sound good too!

More info to follow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DARKSIDERS episode 2 version 0.98

The password is licking.

Here it is: A mostly complete version of the second episode of DARKSIDERS! Now with 100% more William Perry.

DARKSIDERS episode 2 v.098 from Just in Time Films on Vimeo.

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