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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Screening Analysis

So far, 46 teams have been scheduled. That leaves 2 slots open should more teams choose to enter.

The following are the returning award winners by group:

Group A
None, although this will be Mystery Tramp's 4th entry

Group B
For the Birds Films (2 awards, 3rd year)
Indicators (last year's runner-up. 3 awards, 3rd year)
OfficeRocker (1 award, 4th year)
Feathered Italian Films (1 award, 3rd year)

Group C
Just in Time Films (1 award, 3rd year)
Sick Duck Productions (2 awards, 3rd year)

Group D
Abser Four Films (defending champions. 8 awards, 4th year)
DRET Films (2 awards, 2nd year)

Group B looks to be the best all-around group, Group A looks the most wide-open.

Congratulations to Abser Four Films, OfficeRocker, and Mystery Tramp Films for being the only teams to be in all four years.

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