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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sure Thing

Principal photography completed on "Sure Thing" Tuesday. We shot a ridiculous two hours of footage for what will likely be an 8 minute short, but we shot so much because we had use of a greenscreen for the week. We captured the script from a variety of angles and lighting set-ups.

We constructed the greenscreen in my garage, which has two floors, a hydraulic lift, and an L-beam that swings over the floor. We shot part of Fashionably Dead there and used the L-beam as a boom, dropping the mic directly over the actors' heads. The beam was blocked this time by some stuff that a local motorcycle crew stores there so we used a standard mic stand instead.

I haven't delved deeply into editing yet, but even preliminary keys (key = removal of green from a greenscreen shot) show promise.

Pre-production on the next short, "Backward Compatible," begins in three hours. It may be a couple weeks before I can return to "Sure Thing." But for now, take a look at some photos and screen caps:

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