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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


All four episodes of DARKSIDERS will screen June 26th, 2009 as part of the Derby City Film Series at The Vernon Club.

Derby City Film Festival made its debut in Louisville in October 2008. Their second film festival will take place in February 2010. In between, they are holding a series of screenings at The Vernon Roaster on the last Friday of each month. They are also launching the Derby City Film Collective, a sounding board for local productions, and Derby City Film Chat, a weekly filmmaking talk show hosted by blogtalkradio. Derby City Film Chat launches January 6th.

The Vernon Roaster is part of Vernon Lanes, Louisville's greatest bowling alley. They hold concerts in the basement and roast their own coffee on site upstairs opposite a scant few lanes that date back to 1886.

It is extraordinarily nice to see a real push to create a film scene in Louisville. But the longtime problem - the lack of a repository of equipment and spaces available to local film teams - remains the greatest obstacle to that goal.

But that's a a rant for another time. For the moment, prepare yourselves for the DARKSIDERS APOCALYPSE!

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